Draught.Online training to raise the standards for the licensed trade

Launched in 2022, the C&C Group partnered with the British Bar and Pub Association (BBPA) to create a set of insightful, interactive and cost-effective courses that promote best practices and quality service in the hospitality sector.

With the help of Draught.Online, bartenders will be able to delight customers with their expertise, reliable service, and use of best practises. Our ambition is to provide added value to the hospitality sector and easy access to informative and beneficial training. The courses focus on: Dispense, Beer and Cider, with 6-8 modules per course. Bartenders are rewarded with C&C accreditation in collaboration with BBPA.

The quality of a pint is everything, with 77% of beer and cider drinkers agreeing they would leave a pub or bar if they were served a poor-quality pint (Source PROOF insight, POURTRAITS consumer reach 2021).


Dispense with Distinction

The Dispense with Distinction course will give you the knowledge you need to dispense beers and ciders with confidence, quality and consistency. Participating in this course will give broader insights into:

  • Line cleaning
  • Cellar Management
  • Glass Care
  • Fault Finding
  • Keg and Cask beer
  • Daily & Weekly task lists
  • Gas.


Cider Making

The Cider Making course will allow you to become a cider ambassador with the ability to educate customers on the history, types and tasting notes of cider. This course will provide greater knowledge into:

  • What cider is
  • Types of cider variants
  • Apples and ingredients
  • Tasting notes
  • Troubleshooting cider
  • Packaging.


Beer Brewing

Keith Lugton, Master Brewer and Liquid Innovation Manager has 45 years of experience brewing great beers. His insights and knowledge allowed for the development of this course. He states ‘’Our online learning allows the student to develop their knowledge at their own pace.”

The Beer Brewing course will equip you with all the right information to accurately educate your customers on how beer is made and talk them through the unique tastes of each type of beer. Selecting this course offers a comprehensive grasp on:

  • What beer is
  • Styles of beer
  • Hops and ingredients
  • Tasting notes
  • Troubleshooting beer
  • Packaging.



Our Mentors

These courses were developed alongside some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the world of beer and cider:.

Keith Lugton is the Master Brewer at Tennent’s Wellpark Brewery in Glasgow. Keith’s current role is focussed on New Product Development both for C&C Beer and Cider brands, and for third party customers including contract brewing. He has been a Master Brewer since 1989, having worked in the industry since 1977.

Stephen Dickson started his career with Tennent’s as an installation and maintenance technician almost 20 years ago and this background has been invaluable to his current role as on trade dispense quality manager. Understanding the technical aspects of how our brands are dispensed, coupled with the knowledge he has gained from brewery experts, Stephen is able to support our customers in all aspects of dispense.

Paul Welsh started in technical services in 1996 aged 17, following in his father’s footsteps. Paul completed a three year apprenticeship to become a technical service engineer, before moving into a Quality Management position in 2015. Paul had previously been employed by companies such as Britvic, Innserve, Molson Coors and Peroni, before joining Tennent’s in 2018.



  1. Head to draught.online and register your details to create an account
  2. Choose a course to enrol in. If applicable use the voucher code provided to you.
  3. On successful completion, you will receive a draught.online accredited certificate.
  4. Use the knowledge and expertise gained from draught.online to hone your customer service expertise.

Visit Draught – Draught Online or email training@draught.online to learn more.